Wire Transfers

To Wire Funds to Alabama Credit Union

Give the sending financial institution the following wire transfer instructions. These instructions are for wire transfers only and are not to be used for ACH payments, direct deposit or other electronic payments:

  • To: Corporate America Credit Union, Birmingham, AL, ABA # 262090120
  • For further credit to: Alabama Credit Union, ABA # 262277419
  • For final credit to: (add member's name, ACU account number, suffix number here)
  • For incoming international wire transfers a Swift or BIC number is not required for our credit union. 

To Wire Funds From Alabama Credit Union

To wire funds from Alabama Credit Union to another financial institution in the United States, please use the Domestic Wire Transfer Form. To complete an outgoing international wire, please use the International Wire Transfer Form

To Wire Funds to China

If wiring funds to China, please note: U.S. dollar and foreign currency (FX) wires destined for China, in any amount, must include the following:

  • Full remitter name;
  • Remitter account number;
  • Remitter address; and
  • Purpose of wire 

These requirements are in keeping with China’s anti-money laundering law, effective earlier this year, which demands that financial institutions keep data on clients’ identity and transaction records, and report large and suspect transactions.

Are There Any Fees to Use Wires?

Please note there is a $14 fee for incoming wires. The fee for international wires is $50 for $10,000 and under; $100 for over $10,000*.

*Transfers to a new recipient- We will charge $50 for the test wire in the amount of $50- $100, and once we get a confirmation from the member that the test wire was successful we will wire the rest of the funds and charge a second $50 fee.