Personal Financial Manager

Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage all of your financial accounts (checking, savings,credit cards, loans, investments) in one place – even if you’re on the go? Well, now you can! 

We are excited to introduce Personal Financial Manager – your one-stop location to see activity on all accounts. Personal Financial Manager lets you automatically categorize and track spending from all of your accounts at any institution. Just login to your ACUiBranch and select the 'PFM' tab across the top!


  • Track expenses
  • Create budgets
  • Manage debt
  • Create relevant reports

With Personal Financial Manager, you benefit from seeing all of your financial information in one place, and can access the tool from your personal computer or your mobile phone.

Need More Information?

Watch this short video to learn more about PFM and the advantages you can discover when you start using PFM for FREE!

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