Notify Me Alerts

ACUiBranch® online account access offers members added convenience with Notify Me Alerts. In addition to conducting account transactions, viewing account histories, scheduling transfers, and much more -- all FREE of change -- Alabama Credit Union members can now receive Notify Me Alerts via SMS text messaging* or email.

What Kind of Alerts Can Members Receive?

You can receive custom-selected alerts determined by you or you can choose from pre-determined alerts. The Notify Me Alerts for balances are sent out every morning around 8:30 a.m. All other alerts are sent around 6 p.m. 

To become familiar with Notify Me Alerts, please visit the “Notify Me Alerts” tab within ACUiBranch®.

How do Members Enroll for SMS Text 'Notify Me Alerts'?

  • Members who have not yet entered a mobile number, or have entered one but not enrolled, will need to first enter a mobile number.
  • Once logged in ACUiBranch®  select the 'Notify Me Alerts' tab, under Mobile Number in the Contact Information section, the message 'Set' appears in red to show that no mobile number has been entered. Once a number is on file but not enrolled, an 'Enroll to receive Text Alerts' link appears next to the number.
  • Note: The enrollment process requires members to enter a registration code that is texted to their mobile number, so you should have the mobile device on hand before starting to enroll.
  • Once a mobile number is entered click the 'Enroll your Mobile Phone Number for Text Alerts' link. This will automatically send a registration code to the mobile number entered.
  • In the text box, enter the registration code that was received.  
  • Select the 'I have read and agree to Terms and Conditions' checkbox.
  • Select 'Submit' to complete enrollment. The Text Alert Enrollment Confirmation page will appear.

* Note: While Alabama Credit Union does not charge to send text message alerts, additional charges may apply to receive messages depending on your wireless carrier.