Direct Deposit

It's the easy way to make sure your recurring income is deposited to your account and ready to use on payday, guaranteed! Net pay, and other payments, such as Social Security, VA, Retirement, TIAA-CREF may be deposited automatically into your Alabama Credit Union checking account. University of Alabama and UAHuntsville employees must initiate direct deposit authorizations and changes at their local credit union office. Employees of other companies can contact any Alabama Credit Union location or your HR department for additional direct deposit information. 

Direct Deposit and ACH Instructions

To send ACH items ("Automated Clearing House" debits or items such as insurance drafts, or automatic payments) or to send a direct deposit to your account at Alabama Credit Union, you must supply the following information to the originator/sender of the draft or deposit:

  • Alabama Credit Union's Routing/Transit number: 262277419
  • Your account number
  • Your account suffix (usually 50 for checking or 00 for savings)

If you wish to stop payment on an ACH debit clearing on your account, you should first contact the originator of the payment. To stop a direct deposit, contact the sender of the deposit.

If you receive SSI or Social Security payments, you may sign up for direct deposit by phoning the Department Of Treasury's Go Direct helpline at 800.333.1795 or visiting www.GoDirect.org.

Need More Help?

For further instructions on sending or receiving wire transfers, direct deposits or ACH items, please contact Alabama Credit Union's Member Care Center at 888.817.2002.