ACUZipositSM allows you to deposit a check using your Smartphone or home scanner. Just log on to the ACUmBranchSM app and click on the 'Deposit' link or log on to ACUiBranch® Online Banking and click 'User Services', and then click 'ACUZiposit.'



  • No charge
  • Deposits are credited same day or the next business day
  • Maximum $2500 daily deposit limit
  • Available to all members in good standing.


Is there a cutoff time for deposits? 

Checks deposited by a smart phone have a cutoff time of 2pm CST and checks deposited by a scanner have a cutoff time of 4pm CST. 

Will my funds be available immediately? 

Checks deposited by a scanner or through a smart phone will be reviewed by our staff during our normal business hours. Business days are Monday through Friday excluding Federal holidays. If your deposit is approved the funds should appear in your account on that same day or the next business day. All deposits are subject to a hold so the funds may not be available immediately upon being credited to your account. 

Are there any fees for using ACUZiposit? 

No, ACUZiposit is a free service to any member that has ACUiBranch or ACUmBranch. 

Is there a limit to how much I can deposit through ACUZiposit? 

Members can deposit up to $2500 per day. There is not a limit on the number of checks as long as the total falls under the $2500 a day limit. 

Can I deposit a check written to me from another Alabama Credit Union member? 

Yes. We can accept checks written by an Alabama Credit Union member or by a customer of another financial institution as long as the check is made out to you and you have endorsed it on the back properly with your signature and account number. 

What are some reasons my check might not be accepted? 

We may decline a check for several reasons including the following: missing endorsement, incorrect date, mismatched amount on legal line and amount field, improperly scanned, torn check, or suspected kiting. 

Will I be able to view the check image in ACUiBranch if it was deposited through ACUZiposit? 

The image will be available on the checking account the check was drawn on. Of course, a check image for the deposit is not available through ACUiBranch. Think of these as regular checks. If you are the person that wrote the check you’ll be able to see that image in your ACUiBranch. If you are the person depositing a check from another person you won’t be able to see their check image in your account you’ll only be able to see the amount of the deposit. 

Can I make a loan payment through ACUZiposit? 

No, we cannot accept loan payments. Checks can only be deposited to a savings or checking account. Also, the funds are not available until later that day or the next business day. So it would be best if you make the deposit and then make a loan payment on ACUiBranch or ACUmBranch using the Transfer feature. 

Is there a difference between scanned and mobile deposits? 

Yes, they are processed through different methods, have different cutoff times, and the funds are available at different times. Remember that business days for both types of deposits are Monday through Friday.

Deposits made with a scanner are generally available immediately if they are made by 4pm on a business day. If we reject the check the funds will be removed from the your account. Checks deposited by scanner after 4pm will be credited to the account the next business day.

Mobile deposits have a cutoff time of 2pm and the funds are deposited every business day afternoon. So if you deposit a check on a mobile device on a business day you will probably have the funds in your account that same afternoon. If you deposit a check on a mobile device after 2pm you should receive the funds the next business day. 

Are there any restrictions on the type of device I can use for ACUZiposit? 

The online version of ACUZiposit should work on most internet browsers and recognize most scanners. If your scanner isn’t recognized simply scan the check image, save it to your desktop, and then upload it to ACUZiposit. The mobile version of ACUZiposit works on iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and most Android phones. 

I just set up ACUiBranch or activated the ACUmBranch app today, can I use ACUZiposit right away? 

To make deposits using your iPhone or Android simply download and activate the mBranch app. If you already have access to the mBranch app look for the Deposit icon at the bottom of the iPhone screen or in the Android menu. To make deposits through ACUiBranch using a scanner, please contact our Member Care Center (at 205-348-5944, 888-817-2002 or send us a secure message through ACUiBranch) to be activated. 

Can we accept insurance checks through ACUZiposit. 

No. We cannot accept insurance checks for deposit if there are two endorsements required. For example, members often receive insurance checks for auto or home repairs which are made payable to ACU and the member. For those checks, members often want to cash or deposit them, and of course we can’t do that. We have to place those funds in the account on hold and disburse directly to pay for the repairs. 

Are all members allowed to use ACUZiposit? 

Members that have caused us a loss or have a dormant account will not be able to use ACUZiposit. 

Can business accounts use ACUZiposit? 

Yes. Please note that a picture or scan must be made of every check and they will appear as separate deposits on your account history. 

The above FAQ is available as a PDF

Our User Guide contains more helpful information.

Check out this video and learn how easy it can be to deposity your checks from anywhere!

Still have questions? Contact our Member Care Center at 888.817.2002.

Making a Deposit via Scanner?

Watch this short demo video on how to make a deposit via your home scanner:

If you have further questions about the home scanner please see the below documents:

ACUZipositSM Remote and Mobile Deposit Service Agreement