Manage your money wherever you are with Alabama Credit Union's e-Services

Not at home? You can easily manage your account on the go. Our e-Services allow you to quickly:

  • Manage your account transactions
  • View account histories
  • Schedule transfers
  • Request stop payments
  • Send secure e-mail messages
  • Much more!

Using our electronic services (e-Services) is all FREE of charge!

When you sign up for Electronic Bill-Pay, you'll have a fast and cost-effective way to send payments to merchants or payees, without envelopes and stamps.

Personal Financial Manager

Manage all your finances in one place with our Personal Financial Manager available via ACUiBranch!


ACUZipositSM allows you to deposit a check using your Smartphone or home scanner. Just log on to the ACUmBranchSM app and click on the 'Deposit' link or log on to ACUiBranch® Online Banking and click 'User Services', and then click 'ACUZiposit.'


ACUiBranch® is just what the name says it is; our branch office on your computer. You'll love how easy ACUiBranch® is to use from the moment you start using it. And, like your checking, it's FREE. iBranch is totally safe, totally secure.


Alabama Credit Union is expanding our mobile banking options to meet the increasing connectivity needs of our members. Now you can securely and conveniently pay bills, transfer funds, check balances, search recent account activity and find the nearest ATM or branch location, all from your smartphone!


Call24 Automated Phone Teller is easy and secure, with the Personal Identification Number (PIN) of your choice protecting your accounts. Call 800.817.2255 to check balances, transfer between accounts, see what checks have cleared and more, all from any telephone, any time. 


The mail takes time. e-Statements don't.

Direct Deposit

It's the easy way to make sure your recurring income is deposited to your account and ready to use on payday, guaranteed! Net pay, and other payments, such as Social Security, VA, Retirement, TIAA-CREF may be deposited automatically into your Alabama Credit Union checking account. University employees must initiate direct deposit authorizations and changes at their local credit union office.


Skip the stamps and pay online.

Wire Transfers

Wire funds to and from your Alabama Credit Union account with ease. 

Notify Me Alerts

ACUiBranch® online account access offers members added convenience with Notify Me Alerts. Receive e-mail and SMS text alerts about your account activity!

Payroll Deduction

Take a portion of your paycheck and have it automatically deposited to your share account, children's accounts, special savings or IRAs — the possibilities are endless.


CheckRight is a web-based checking account management education module designed to teach you how to manage a checking account.