Deposit Rates

Enhanced deposit insurance protection — compare to other financial institutions!

Member accounts are federally insured to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, and additionally insured to $250,000 by American Share Insurance. IRAs are separately insured up to $500,000 per member. This strong package of deposit insurance protection makes Alabama Credit Union the safest choice for earning high dividends! Have questions about structuring your accounts to achieve maximum deposit insurance protection? 

  • Savings Accounts

    Save smarter, with more portions and friendlier rates. Open a savings account with as little as $5 to start earning quarterly dividends. At Alabama Credit Union, your money works harder for you. Thanks to the not-for-profit structure of Alabama Credit Union, our share savings accounts generally earn higher rates of return than similar accounts at for-profit financial institutions. As a not-for-profit, we don't share money with stockholders like a bank, we return profits to members like you -- through higher savings dividends and lower loan rates. 

  • CDs

    Earn high dividends from our competitive-rate CDs with your minimum deposit of $500. Choose from seven terms of maturity between six and sixty months and see how you can start saving.

  • Daily Money Market Accounts

    Earn a higher rate of return while avoiding early withdrawal penalties with Alabama Credit Union's Daily Money Market Accounts. Maintain a balance of as little as $2,500 and start watching your money grow.