Members are encouraged to take advantage of everything Alabama Credit Union offers for convenience, financial security and wealth building. We stand ready to assist every one of our members in reaching their goals.


You make the choice — we'll make your money work harder for you. We know checking varies from generation to generation. But we also realize that you and your fellow members have a goal in common — the absolute best value on checking. 


Save smarter, with more portions and friendlier rates. Open a savings account with as little as $25 to start earning quarterly dividends. At Alabama Credit Union, your money works harder for you.

Daily Money Market

Earn a higher rate of return while avoiding early withdrawal penalties with Alabama Credit Union's Daily Money Market Accounts. Maintain a balance of as little as $2,500 and start watching your money grow.


Earn high dividends from our competitive-rate CDs with your minimum deposit of $500. Choose from seven terms of maturity between six and sixty months and see how you can start saving.

Business Checking

Your small business has to keep up to survive, but can your bank keep up with you? Alabama Credit Union can. With our personal, quick-response service and our suite of tools created for businesses like yours, you can focus on keeping your company strong and stable.

Retirement Accounts

Whether you want to start saving for your future, avoid taxes on a pension plan payout, or protect a lifetime of savings, an Alabama Credit Union IRA may be the right solution. Besides flexibility, IRAs offer advantages over other savings options, such as the opportunity for tax-deductible contributions or tax-free savings. Learn how you can start saving with the benefits you want.

TruStage Insurance

You may receive information on a variety of insurance products closely matched to your needs.