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You are invited to inspect and bid on the following vehicles. To schedule an appointment to view any vehicle, please contact us at 205.348.0179, or e-mail to


Before you bid: Please be aware that Alabama Credit Union seeks to sell any repossessed collateral for the maximum price available, with preferential treatment afforded to no one. We do not promise to phone you about increasing your bid, but may do so if we believe we can obtain a higher price for the vehicle. We may extend the deadline for bidding at our own discretion, and may choose to dispose of the vehicle in another manner if we believe we can obtain a higher price. We may set a "buy now" price on the vehicle and accept it, even if bids have been received but are not acceptable to us. 

The bottom line: Bid or offer the maximum price you are willing to pay for this vehicle or property. 

Alabama Credit Union offers no warranty, express or implied, on any vehicle. The vehicle you are bidding on sells “as is, where is.” If your bid or offer is accepted, you have up to three business days to pay for the vehicle with certified funds or pre-approved check drawn on your business. If you pay by check, we may not release the vehicle or title, nor issue a bill of sale, until we have collected funds on the check you gave to us. We may extend that deadline at our own discretion. We may change our procedure at any time, without notice. 

Thank you for your bid or offer.


2124 Westminster Ln,Tuscaloosa, AL 35406

To schedule an appointment to view any vehicle or property, please contact us at 205.348.0179, or e-mail to

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  • 5 bedrooms
  • 4.5 baths
  • Beautiful custom built 4,128 +/- sq. ft
  • Appraised as-is at $410,000
  • Three heating/cooling units. 
  • 25 Ft Ceilings/10 Ft Ceilings. 
  • Hardwood floors.
  • Swimming pool and large private back yard with wrought iron fencing.


**The NADA values reflect any adjustments for options/high mileage; NADA values posted here subject to change