E Plan: Car Buying Experience

Enjoy a hassle-free car buying experience available for Alabama Credit Union members only! 


Bring the E Plan Certificate with you to ensure you receive the special E Plan benefits. 

Simplify your car buying experience with 'E Plan'. E Plan is a special pricing structure open only to Alabama Credit Union members.

Do I REALLY save with E Plan?

YES! You will save a lot of money, a lot of time, AND a lot of stress. We know that most people hate buying a new car because of the time it takes to go through the steps to put you in the right vehicle at the right price. And because Alabama Credit Union recognizes that your time is valuable, this program simplifies the entire process:

1) When you are ready to buy, you make an appointment through our E-Plan Department with our dedicated representative.

2) You will then test drive the vehicle you have selected from our various models, options and colors.

3) For a new vehicle, you will pay our special “E” plan pricing dedicated for this program.

4) Additional services will also all be discounted to maximize your savings, such as any applicable fees and non-factory warranties.

5) Pre-owned vehicles will be offered at $750 over the internal value or advertised price,whichever is less, in addition to being enrolled into the Platinum Elite Program.

6) Door to Door services available, your new vehicle can be brought right to your home or office.

What do Vehicles cost under E Plan?

Glad you asked. Instead of haggling down from the sticker price, you pay what we pay. That’s right, you receive the benefits of paying the same low price as our own employees.  Buying at a non-E Plan dealer is like going “out of network” for a doctor -- you will most likely pay more, get questionable service, and have a time consuming buying experience.

How do I take advantage of the E Plan?

Shop online or call 1.877.721.1276 to find your perfect used or new vehicle.

Become pre-approved today:

To become pre-approved before you begin your car search call, click or come in-branch, and your pre-approval status will be entered into our network. Once this process is complete, you’ll be able to complete your entire transaction at the dealership. Get started online today. 

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