ACUiBranch® is just what the name says it is; our branch office on your computer. You'll love how easy ACUiBranch® is to use from the moment you start using it. And, like your checking, it's FREE.

After your account is opened, you may conduct account transactions, view account histories, schedule transfers, request stop payments, send secure email messages and much more — all free of charge. And, you may sign up for Bill-Pay, a convenient and cost-effective way to send payments to merchants or payees.

Access the secure ACUiBranch by typing your Access ID and Passcode in the boxes located at the top of each page of our Web site. But first, here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s safe. “We have taken every security precaution to select vendors and technology systems that keep your account information confidential, and I am confident we have accomplished that,” said Steve Swofford, president of Alabama Credit Union. “When you sign up for ACUiBranch®, you’ll see the many layers of security involved — for example, it often takes several attempts to set up your pass code and user identification because the ACUiBranch® system requires that pass codes be extremely difficult for unauthorized users to ‘guess.’”
  • It’s easy to use. The best way to learn about ACUiBranch® is to use it. Explore it with confidence — even if you transfer funds and want to reverse the transaction, you simply need to create a new transfer.
  • It’s free. You pay nothing for ACUiBranch® access.

Want to give it a spin before signing up? Call us to schedule a personal demonstration of ACUiBranch® in any Alabama Credit Union office, or take an online tour.