VISA® Gift Card

Make things easy on yourself with the "one-size pleases all" VISA® Gift Card from Alabama Credit Union. It's accepted anywhere VISA® is accepted, and comes with its own greeting card. Available at any branch location, and you may choose from a variety of card designs for various gift occasions.

Here's more:

  • We sell gift cards to members only; 
  • Gift card fee is $3.95 per card; 
  • The load minimum on a card is $20 and the maximum is $500;
  • Gift cards can be used outside the U.S.;
  • Gift cards may be used at most merchants where VISA is accepted. The cards can not be used to establish recurring payments, for non-financial money exchange or at gambling establishments and
  • Gift cards much be run as a 'Credit' transaction as there is no PIN.

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Alabama Credit Union's Reloadable Card

Help your teen or college student build financial independence with a card that gives parents peace of mind. This instantly re-loadable card gives parents a quick way to get money to their teen or college student.

To learn more about our Relodable Card, please call our Member Care Center at 888.817.2002 or email our Card Services department at

To reload your card, please click here. 

*Terms and Conditions