First off, congrats on going to college! That's a big step for anyone and we say "kudos" to you for taking that step.  Now, let's focus on your goal of staying in school and graduating. It's our goal to help you graduate with a solid financial future and keep you out of debt! Often, students experience struggle with debt, especially when stepping out on your own. Our experience in helping students for decades has given us the opportunity to develop NO COST programs to help you in budgeting expenses, balancing your accounts, establishing credit, and avoiding debt.

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University of Alabama

College Students always need money. Unless they bank with us.


An Alabama Credit Union Charger Account will get you through the school year one day at a time.

Student Loans

There is a better way to pay for college: our Student Choice private student loan.


Not at home and need to manage your money? With ACU's e-Services, we're here for you, around the world and around the clock. Pay bills online, check your e-statement, enjoy mobile banking through our ACUmBranch℠ smartphone app, and much more.