Membership FAQs

Below, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions. For more information, please contact any Alabama Credit Union office or our Member Care Center at 205-348-5944 or 888-817-2002.

How do I join the credit union?

Please refer to our list of approved sponsor groups. Then, please visit one of our convenient offices with your driver’s license and proof of employment or family member’s name. When you join, you’ll open a savings account to join ($26 minimum includes a $1 new account fee and $25 minimum balance). We can do this by mail if necessary, but not by fax.

Does the free checking account earn interest?

No, but the account has no minimum balance, no service charges or automatic fees. You only pay for your checks as you order them and the checks start at $15.45 for a box of 150 duplicate checks. The account also includes a VISA ATM/Debit card with no fee from Alabama Credit Union. Plus, you have free access to Call24 (our electronic telephone teller) and ACUiBranch®, our Internet account access system.

How do I order checks?

There are four ways to order checks: by phone with Clarke American at 1-800-500-2441, by phone with a Member Services representative at 1-205-348-5944, by sending in your reorder form, or through the Reorder Express page on our Web site.

Do I have to come in to make an account transfer?

No, our automated audio response service Call-24 is available 24 hours a day for no charge, as will our ACUiBranch Internet account service. When you set up your account, Call24 service will be provided to you. If you have an existing account, please stop by one of our branches to set up a PIN and sign the signature card. To enroll in ACUiBranch®, click on the ACUiBranch® icon on any other page of our Web site, and set up your account online.

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

If you work for The University of Alabama or UAH, you can sign up at any of our branches. If you work anywhere else, please give your payroll department our routing number (262277419) and your account number (be sure to include the suffix 00 for savings or 50 for checking).

How do I change my name on my account?

A new signature card will need to be signed by the account owner whose name has changed for all suffixes (accounts) that you own at Alabama Credit Union. We also need a copy of your new driver’s license, marriage certificate or divorce papers. We ask that you come to a branch to change your name, but the cards can be sent out if necessary.

How do I add/remove joint owners from my account?

A new signature card will need to be signed by everyone concerned whether they are being added, being removed or staying on the account. We do ask that all owners come to the credit union, but this can be done by mail if needed.

How do I add/remove an account beneficiary?

A new signature card will need to be signed. Please come to Member Services or we can mail a card to you.

How do I remove a deceased owner from an account?

We at Alabama Credit Union are sorry for the loss of your friend or relative, and are anxious to assist you in handling the deceased owner’s account — including the filing of Life Savings Insurance benefits if the deceased was a member. Here is information that will make the process simpler:

  • Obtain a copy of the death certificate to present to us.
  • Make an appointment to visit the credit union. We’ll prepare information to assist you during your visit.
  • If possible, invite the other account owners to join you at the credit union to discuss your options.
  • If the deceased had a loan with Alabama Credit Union, we will file for any Credit Life Insurance benefits available. This optional insurance (coverage by CUNA Mutual Group only) was offered at the time the loan was made. We regret that we are unable to file for any other credit life insurance benefits available from other insurers.
  • Please discuss with us any issues regarding repayment of any loans with Alabama Credit Union — for example, does the surviving spouse/co-signer need a payment extension before resuming regular payments?
  • It is usually not necessary to close the deceased party’s deposit account. Instead, it can be reassigned with the remaining joint owners. We will be happy to assist you in planning investments that are the result of life insurance policies, etc., and may recommend a no-fee visit with our MEMBERS Financial Network representative.
  • We will file for Life Savings Insurance benefits if the account is eligible (matches “suffix 00” savings account balance, dollar for dollar, up to $5,000 based on member's age at date of deposit). Proceeds will be paid to the designated insurance beneficiary (may not be the same person(s) as joint owner(s) on the account).
  • If the deceased person held a safe deposit box at Alabama Credit Union, please have the joint tenants available to present all keys to the box. Only joint tenants (co-renters) may open the safe deposit box.
  • If there is no joint owner on the account, we must rely upon the Letter of Testamentary (issued by a probate judge and usually based on the deceased's Last Will And Testament). This will may need to be probated, based on your attorney's advice. If you do not wish to probate the will, other steps may be necessary before the account can be closed or reassigned.

Obviously, there are many issues to be dealt with and not all of them are covered here. Please contact us whenever we may be of assistance: (888) 817-2002.

I have power of attorney for a member. How do I handle transactions for the member?

Please bring in or mail the POA to Member Services. We may or may not accept a POA, at our own discretion, and may wish to contact the issuer before conducting any transaction.

How do I add/remove someone from my safe deposit box?

A new contract will need to be signed by all owners whether they are being added, removed or staying on the box. We do ask all owners to come to the credit union if possible, but this can be done by mail if needed.

Can I temporarily give someone access to my safe deposit box?

You may designate a deputy to have access to your box. First, bring that person to a credit union office to sign a signature card. Then, give them your key (we don't provide a key to a deputy). You should know that a deputy has full access to your box, just as you do. You can revoke a deputy's access to your box by completing a new signature card, but you must obtain the key from him or her if you have provided one. For more information, consult your Safe Deposit Box Agreement or ask us for a copy.

Can I get a new safe deposit box?

The main office (Paul Bryant Drive East in Tuscaloosa) has a waiting list on all sizes of boxes and we’d be happy to add you to it. The wait is currently about a year. The sizes (in inches) are: 3x5, $20; 5x5, $25; 3x10, $35; 5x10, $50; and 10x10, $100. All boxes are 26 inches long. Please call or e-mail us with your name, account number, phone number and the box size you are interested in and we will add you to the list.

For a safe deposit box at one of our other Alabama Credit Union locations, please call our Member Care Center to check availability.

How do I get a debit card?

A signature card will need to be signed. Any teller or Member Services representative can help you. We can also send the card by mail.

My debit card is lost. How do I get a new one?

Please contact or visit Member Services to order one. The card will come in about 2-3 weeks. 

How do we change owners on an organization account?

The faculty advisor (if a student organization) on the account needs to come to the credit union. A new signature card needs to be signed and we need to know who else will be authorized on the account. Any other signers need to come to the credit union and must also sign the cards. This cannot be done by fax or mail; it must be done at a credit union office. No changes will be made until everyone has signed new account cards. It is not necessary for everyone to come at one time, but everyone must bring their driver’s license. 

What is the balance of my CD/IRA?

On your account statement or ACUiBranch® screen, the balance appears in the same column as the savings account balance. CDs are suffixes 70 - 90, IRA CDs are 60 - 69, Market Index Certificates are 70 - 90, Market Index Certificate IRAs are 91 - 99, IRA share are 07, 10, 18, 19.

Will I get a notice before my CD renews?

Yes, and you’ll have 10 days to notify us if you do not want your CD to automatically renew.