Member Business Account™ FAQs

Q: Do I have to be a member to open a Member Business Account?

A: No. If your place of business is located in one of the communities that we serve, it is eligible to become a member of Alabama Credit Union.

Q: Does this mean my business is a member of the credit union?

A: Yes, and is entitled to one vote at our annual membership meeting.

Q: What advantages does Alabama Credit Union offer?

A: Competitive pricing on account fees, and extraordinary member service. Plus, a growing suite of products and services tailored for small businesses.

Q: What products and services are available now as part of the Member Business Account™ package?


  • ACUiBranch® – secure Internet account access that allows inquiries, transfers, downloads into popular software programs, and more
  • Electronic Bill-Pay and Bill-Presentment – safe and secure online, automated, and convenient bill payment and bill-receiving service
  • Biz Basics Checking – a free checking account recommended for businesses with up to five employees, and for non-profit organizations
  • Biz Manager Checking – a checking account for those needing more transaction limits, all for a modest fee. Recommended for businesses with up to 25 employees
  • Call24 Electronic Phone Teller – toll-free 24-hour automated audio response service that permits account inquiries and transfers with secure PIN
  • Coin sorter/counter – equipment available at some Alabama CU branches to allow you to quickly and inexpensively count and deposit coinage
  • Credit Card Merchant Services – a low-cost system that allows you to process credit card transactions (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) at your point of sale
  • e-statements – fast, convenient monthly account statements available through a secure Web site. We’ll send an e-mail with a link to your statement.
  • Overdraft Privilege – a courtesy program that permits your account’s NSF items to be paid, up to a specified limit, and subject to conditions
  • MasterCard ATM/Debit Card – a card that works like writing a check from your Member Business Account
  • MasterCard Credit Card – a credit card that is available to small businesses when personally guaranteed by the business owner(s) and/or authorized officer(s)

Q: What other products and services are available?

A: Many more:

  • Payroll services
  • Human resource administration solutions
  • Small business loans
  • Group health, life and disability insurance
  • Small business property, casualty, and liability insurance
  • Workman’s compensation insurance and administration
  • ACH origination

Q: Are my business’s funds federally insured?

A: Yes, up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration. In addition, your Member Business Account™ is privately insured up to $250,000 by American Share Insurance. Depending on your business’s ownership structure, these insurance protections are in addition to those in place for your personal account(s).

Q: Must I wait in line when I make a deposit for my Member Business Accounts?

A: Perhaps, but only if our lobby is quite busy. If you visit inside our office, we’ll accept your deposit, issue a provisional receipt, and advise you of any corrections to your deposit later. You may also visit our drive-up windows, or use our night depositories (not available at all branches). And, you can have employees drop off and pick up night deposit bags (they’ll be asked to sign our control log).

Q: Can’t I deal with just one person about my account?

A: Probably so. We’ll introduce you to our Member Business Account™department. Quickly, we’ll learn more about your business’s needs, trends, and preferences. We invite you to contact your MBA representative whenever you have a question, suggestion, or comment.