Bankless Banking℠

Alabama Credit Union showcases its own brand of service to members who have been disenfranchised by bank-merger mania. It's called Bankless BankingSM.

Our progressive, member-owned financial cooperative's mission is to improve the quality of life of our members by providing the highest level of service while building member trust and value -- but, easier said, is that we offer all the products and services you'll find at other financial institutions but without the hassle of dealing with banks' name changes, mergers, errors on accounts, and anonymous relationships. See why we call it Bankless BankingSM?

What should you expect from Bankless BankingSM?
Members pay less for financial products and services because the credit union is a not-for-profit organization owned by its members (we don’t have customers!). Earnings above our operating expenses and reserves are returned to members in the form of lower-cost loans, higher-yields on deposits, convenient offices and access methods, and lower (if any) fees. 

And, each year at our annual membership meeting, members elect volunteers to fill positions on the board of directors and supervisory committee. One member, one vote — it’s democracy in action. And once a member, always a member — even if you leave your current employer or relocate to a new area. 

Our commitment to you is that we will continually find ways to add value to your credit union membership. The more you use your Alabama Credit Union, the more you’ll save -- join Alabama Credit Union and experience Bankless BankingSM.

You are probably eligible to join Alabama Credit Union; consult the eligibility list. Then, call, write or e-mail to, or visit, any Alabama Credit Union office to become a member. While we will be happy to obtain information from you to open your membership, we will need to obtain a copy of your photo identification and your actual signature prior to activating your account. You will also need at least $26 to open your savings account ($25 minimum balance and $1 membership fee). Welcome to Alabama Credit Union! 

Find the Alabama Credit Union office most convenient to you -- and enroll yourself for the best brand of financial service Bankless BankingSM!

Bankless BankingSM is a service mark of Alabama Credit Union; registration pending.