Reorder Checks

Convenient, Quick, and Easy Check Reordering

Reorder checks for your checking account at your convenience by calling Service Line Plus at (800) 500-2441. A helpful member services representative from Harland Clarke, our check-printing partner, will assist you.

Click here to obtain a check reorder with no change.

The cost of your printed checks will be charged to your account.

Tip for reordering checks:

  • We encourage you to list your name, address and, if you'd like, your phone number.
  • We discourage you from listing information which is not needed (such as Social Security number or date of birth) that could subject you to ID Theft or initiate unauthorized transactions in the general marketplace.


If you have questions about ordering checks, please contact our Member Care Center at 205.348.5944 or 888.817.2002.