Overdraft Protection Plans

We understand “Uh-oh!” happens. Be prepared.

Alabama Credit Union provides protection for those occasions when your check, ATM/Debit transaction, ACH or electronic debit, or online transfer (“item”) needs to be paid but your checking account has insufficient funds available. We offer many ways to manage your account funds, including ACU Oops! PaySM Complete or ACU Oops! PaySM Limited protection.

Here are FREE tools to manage your account balance to prevent unintended overdrafts:

  • ACUiBranch® -- Free 24/&7 account access that allows you to conduct account transactions, view account histories, schedule transfers, request stop payments, send secure e-mail messages and much more - all free of charge. 
  • ACUmBranchSM -- monitor your account activity from your smartphone
  • Call24 -- Electronic Phone Teller (requires a PIN)
  • Notify Me alerts -- SMS and e-mail alerts that are sent after you set up the events for which you wish to be notified (click Notify Me tab when logged into ACUiBranch®)
  • Call or visit any branch during business hours
  • Call our Member Care Center during extended business hours: 205.348.5944 or 888.817.2002

Choosing your Alabama Credit Union overdraft protection plan

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

Avoid NSF fees when your checks, debits or ATM/Debit transactions reach your account before payday by signing up for our Overdraft Protection Line of Credit. It's a pre-approved line of credit tied to your checking account; if you don't use it, it costs nothing, because we don't charge an annual fee or application fee. If it's activated by an NSF, then you pay interest on the number of days you use the loan. You must make monthly payments (or make a lump-sum payoff) to keep the loan ready for you, whenever you need it.

Complete the application to apply for your Overdraft Protection Line of Credit today!

ACU Oops! Pay Complete

We will strive to pay your overdrafts, regardless of how they are created. The amount we are able to pay is based on your account history and activity, and may change from time to time. To enable us to pay all of your overdrafts -- including one-time ATM/Debit Card transactions, ATM transactions and one-time ACH transactions -- you must opt in for ACU Oops! PaySM Complete. There are three ways to opt in: (1) complete this form online or (2) complete this printed form and return it to us, or (3) call or visit any Alabama Credit Union branch. We will charge an NSF Fee for each item whether it is paid or declined.

ACU Oops! Pay Limited

We will strive to pay your overdrafts when they are created by check, recurring ATM/Debit Card transactions, recurring ACH, or online transfers. The amount we are able to pay is based on your account history and activity, and may change from time to time. You do not need to opt in for this protection. We will charge an NSF Fee for each item whether it is paid or declined. We will decline overdrafts that are created by one-time ATM/Debit Card transactions, ATM, or one-time ACH transactions.

More info about our ACU Oops! Pay products:

  • You can avoid high fees from merchants for returned checks or items.
  • An NSF Fee is charged for each item that is presented when insufficient funds are available, whether or not the item is paid.
  • Merchants may convert your check to an electronic transaction. If your account balance is insufficient, the merchant may also electronically send its “bad check” fee(s) to your account and create an NSF item (and NSF Fee) on your Alabama Credit Union checking account. Authorized online transactions may occur in similar ways.
  • The best way to avoid paying NSF fees is to carefully monitor your account balance and transactions. Review the many free tools we provide.
  • If ACU Oops! PaySM is activated on your account, we will strive to pay your overdrafts. You must promptly repay the overdrawn balance. If you do not repay the overdrawn balance within 30 days, we may deactivate your ACU Oops! PaySM service and take other collection actions as described in our Alabama Credit Union Membership & Account Agreement.
  • We may approve your request for refund of your next NSF Fee (one per member), if it was created by a ATM/Debit Card transaction or if you have never had an NSF Fee refund. Feel free to ask us about this.

Opt Out

If you do not want your checking account to be protected by ACU Oops! PaySM Complete or ACU Oops! PaySM Limited, please notify us at any time. The best way to notify us is in writing or via secure e-mail using ACUiBranch®.