Debit & Gift Cards

Debit MasterCard®

Access your cash whenever you need it! Every free checking account at Alabama Credit Union comes with a Debit MasterCard® which can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Plus, you also earn debit rewards every time you use your card. 

The Debit MasterCard® can be used for cash withdrawals in any automated teller machine (ATM) displaying major network logos including HONOR, CIRRUS, VISA, GULFNET, and STAR -- and this includes ATMs at CO-OP Shared Branch locations across the United States. You can also use the card anywhere MasterCard® is accepted with the transaction charged directly to your checking account.

Alabama Credit Union charges no fee for Debit MasterCard® use -- and we waive the fee for the first three transactions per month at non-Alabama Credit Union operated ATMs. However, you may incur a fee from the ATM provider.  Need a free ATM transaction? Choose the "Yes -- cash back" option at the checkout counter of merchants where you shop.

Alabama Credit Union offers ATMs at most locations and in many convenient locations across Alabama and nationwide.

To report a lost or stolen Debit MasterCard®: 

Call 205.348.5944 or 888.817.2002 during Alabama Credit Union's business hours. If the credit union is closed, you should call 800.754.4128 or 909.941.1398 (outside U.S.) to report your lost or stolen Debit MasterCard®.

In most cases, your Debit MasterCard® will be blocked immediately, thereby preventing any additional charges from posting to your account.

  • Best practice: Make a photocopy of all of the information in your wallet, and keep it in an easily accessible safe place. Be sure to photocopy the back sides of cards — they often contain information for reporting lost or stolen cards, or resolving disputed transactions.

Received a call about possible fraudulent card activity from Falcon?

We use the Falcon security system to verify transactions on your Debit MasterCard when the transaction appears fraudulent in any way, based on generic patterns of activity for transactions, which were determined to be fraudulent. If you receive a call from Falcon, you may choose to call them back instead of responding immediately to their verification questions. If you wish to phone Falcon, please call them at 888.241.2440 or 909.941.1034 (outside U.S.).

Once you call the number they will request your case number, and they may ask you a question to verify your identity such as the last 4 digits of your SSN. They will ask you to verify charges on your card just to be sure there is no fraudulent usage being attempted. Assuming that the charges in question are yours, they will note your account and the card will work normally. The Falcon reps will never ask you for your full card number or detailed personal or account information.

MasterCard® SecureCode

MasterCard® SecureCodeTM is a service provided by MasterCard® which is intended to minimize chargebacks and disputes of internet transactions, 'MasterCard® SecureCodeTM' allows cardholders to set up a password to use when making purchases on the Web. This will be required on many sites in the near future; look for the 'MasterCard SecureCode' logo at your merchant's site. Merchants who elect not to participate will be subject to current rules regarding disputed transactions. Alabama Credit Union MasterCard cardholders can now set up their password. It's fast, easy, free...and it could save you the frustration of dealing with an intercepted credit card number or fraudulent transaction. 

Countries blocked due to fraud risk

Let Alabama Credit Union know if you are traveling out of state or out of country to ensure your Alabama CU Debit MasterCard® continues working without interruption. However, please note our list of blocked countries to ensure you have a second form of payment when traveling to countries where your Alabama CU Debit MasterCard® will not work. Contact our Member Care Center at 888.817.2002 or complete our Travel Notification Form.

ALL debit card transactions have been blocked in Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cuba, Herzegovina, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, North and South Korea, Slovenia, Sudan, Syria, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe due to high levels of fraud originating in these countries. No transactions of any kind can be made on debit cards in these countries.

Countries blocked due to fraud risk (only pinned ATM withdrawals can be made in these countries): Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Spain, Taiwan, United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), and Venezuela. 

VISA® Gift Card

Make things easy on yourself with the "one-size pleases all" VISA® Gift Card from Alabama Credit Union. It's accepted anywhere VISA® is accepted, and comes with its own greeting card. Available at any branch location, and you may choose from a variety of card designs for various gift occasions.

Here's more:

  • We sell gift cards to members only; 
  • Gift card fee is $3.95 per card; 
  • The load minimum on a card is $20 and the maximum is $500;
  • Gift cards can be used outside the U.S.;
  • Gift cards may be used at most merchants where VISA is accepted. The cards can not be used to establish recurring payments, for non-financial money exchange or at gambling establishments 
  • Gift cards must be run as a 'Credit' transaction as there is no PIN.

Register Your Gift Card Online

*Terms and Conditions

Reloadable Cards

Help build financial independence with a card that gives you peace of mind. This instantly relodable card gives you a quick way to access your money. Login to ACUiBranch Online Banking and select the ‘Links’ tab to reload your card.

Here's more:

  • VISA® Reloadable stored value cards are $7.95 to purchase
  • Once the card is loaded a second time, a replacement card with the members name printed on the card will be mailed out.
  • Cards can be reloaded anytime for a $2.00 fee
  • Cards can be used anywhere that VISA is accepted
  • Our reloadable cards can be used outside the United States but VISA does charge a 1% international transaction fee on any ATM or point of sale transaction
  • Gambling is not allowed on these cards
  •  Pay at the pump transactions are not allowed

Alabama CU Debit Rewards   

At Alabama Credit Union, we like to reward our members. And now, it’s even easier to earn points by using our new Premium Debit Cards. You also take advantage of many other benefits! My Rewards Debit Cards bring you credit card -level benefits like cash back, bonus points, access to convenient short term loans, extended warranties and more!

Learn More about Debit Rewards