Why Join Alabama Credit Union?

You are Alabama. We are your Credit Union.

From the service to the savings, the decision to join Alabama Credit Union pays off for all your financial needs. Once you join Alabama Credit Union you are eligible for all the rewards of membership like lower-cost loans, higher yields on deposits, and convenient branch locations. Download and our ACUmBranchSM app, which is available for all the top smartphones and ACUiBranch® for your computer, you’ll have full control of your accounts wherever you are.

The Credit Union difference.

Serve Members: At Alabama Credit Union, you're much more powerful than a customer. You're a member, a part-owner and a shareholder of this credit union. Our job is to provide the information, education and resources you need to get the most from our wide array of financial services. And, as a member, you'll receive flexible, personalized service without triggering a flurry of fees that banks would charge.

Guided by Volunteers: Alabama Credit Union is managed by a volunteer board of directors, democratically elected by our membership. Our members each have an equal voice in how their credit union operates, because our members are more important to our future than big profits.

Not-For-Profit: Alabama Credit Union is a not-for-profit entity and operates without taxpayer funding. We return our profits to our members in the form of lower loan interest rates, higher dividends, fewer fees and better service.

Member Owned: As a member, you're a part-owner of Alabama Credit Union. That means we work for you, and that you have more say in how the credit union is operated, including the power to make decisions. You'll also be encouraged to participate in our Annual Meeting, where our members learn the latest news about ACU and up-to-the-minute ways to improve their financial positions.

Commitment to our Community: We enjoy working with other credit unions in our communities; it's part of our cooperative philosophy, and one of the advantages of being not-for-profit. Instead of competing against each other as banks do, credit unions often team up to benefit all of our members. Alabama Credit Union has been serving local employers and neighborhoods for more than fifty years, without needing a bank bailout or a name change. Our signature initiative is Secret Meals For Hungry ChildrenSM, a charitable program that provides food packs to young children who have been identified by school officials as undernourished. We donate 100% of the contributions we receive to this program.