President’s Message

Welcome to the new Alabama Credit Union website!  We hope you find that it makes it even easier to locate the information you need.  Substantial content has been added to make your best source for financial information and products.  We’d encourage you to spend just a few minutes clicking on the various tabs and links to see why most members now call Alabama Credit Union their primary (or only) financial institution. 

While we’re talking, I wanted to provide a brief response to a comment made by an anonymous member on our recent member survey.  That survey resulted in a Net Promoter Score of 79.8, which ranks ACU in the highest quartile of all businesses.  This particular member believes that ACU “was better when it didn’t have so many different branches.  While most banks are looking for ways to cut back and pay higher rates, ACU is spending money on capital projects.  If not for these expenditures, ACU could provide lower loan rates or pay higher deposit rates.”

We appreciate this member’s perspective, but the fact is that loan and deposit rates here at ACU usually lead the marketplace among banks and credit unions, something we survey every week.  However, consumers over the past few years have demanded more from their financial institution than just good rates – they want convenient access via branch, ATM, and the latest technology (mobile phone app’s, home banking, online account opening).  They also want a high level of personal service – people answering the phones for extended hours, for example.  Smaller institutions struggle to provide even one of these attributes (price, convenience, service), much less all of them.  Had ACU been less aggressive over the years in terms of branch locations and overall growth, we would not be in our current strong position financially, and our services portfolio would be much more limited.  There are clear economies of scale in our business that we’ve been able to take advantage of due to our expansion and resulting growth, something we’ll see to an even greater extent in the future.

As we grow, a commitment you have from me and our senior management team is that we’ll never adopt a “big bank” attitude.  You’ll always be able to talk to us when you need to, and you can rest assured our decisions will continue to be made based on what it best for our members  and future members collectively.  Our objective is to be a larger organization that will be here in the future to meet your needs, but that still acts like that small credit union where everybody knows your name.  Please let us know if we ever fail to meet that goal.