Notre Dame & Alabama Face off in Credit Union Championship!

While most eyes are on the University of Alabama’s 15th Football National Championship, which fans expect them to win at the January 7 game against Notre Dame, there’s another Alabama v. Notre Dame competition going on. And this game involves plastic, not pigskin. 

Alabama Credit Union has challenged Notre Dame Federal Credit Union to see which CU can get the most VISA credit card applications between now and January 6, 2013.

“The bet is this”, says Alabama Credit Union president Steve Swofford. “Each credit union pledges an initial $5,000, and the credit union that receives the most VISA Credit Card applications by January 6 wins $10,000 to donate to the charity of their choice. We have chosen Secret Meals For Hungry Children as our charity, and Notre Dame has chosen Kelly Cares Foundation (Coach Brian Kelly’s personal charity).”

Both credit unions have mobilized their staffers in this head-to-head competition. “I cannot imagine losing a bet to the Notre Dame credit union, nor missing out on the opportunity to raise money for Secret Meals,” says Swofford.   

Alabama Credit Union members are encouraged to get more details at their local branch, and to upgrade their high-interest credit cards to a VISA® Platinum Card from Alabama Credit Union during this friendly contest.  And Roll Tide!

Start your VISA Platinum Credit Card application today!