Is your bank adding new fees for using YOUR money?

Several banks have begun to charge new fees to their customers for extra debit card swipes and the privilege of using their checking accounts. If this sounds like your bank, then you need to make the change to Alabama Credit Union. 

Alabama Credit Union offers fee-FREE checking, FREE online and mobile account access, FREE 24-hour telephonic audio response service, FREE access to over 25,000 fee-FREE ATMs across the country via the CO-OP Network, and a branch network that includes over 4,300 Credit Union Service Center locations, nationwide. There's never a fee for visiting our branch, talking with us by phone…no minimum  checking account balance fee and no per-check writing fee, either.

And, Alabama Credit Union does not charge you for swiping your debit card at point-of-sale. Instead, we reward you for using your Alabama Credit Union VISA ATM/Debit card — through AlabamaCU Rewards. Our popular AlabamaCU Rewards program awards points for each purchase you make with your ACU VISA ATM/Debit card; you may easily redeem the points for great prizes that include gift cards from popular retailers. 

To learn more about how Alabama Credit Union can save you money on checking and debit card-related fees and make your financial life more convenient, call our Member Care Center at 888.817.2002 or visit any Alabama Credit Union location.