Blackberry Deals for Credit Union Members from Alabama Credit Union and Sprint!

Alabama Credit Union, Sprint and RIM, the company that owns Blackberry, have partnered to offer an extraordinary deal for credit union members. For the months of June and July, you can have special pricing on three great Blackberry devices for new purchases or eligible upgrades: Blackberry Bold for $199.99 Blackberry Curve for $49.99 Blackberry Style is FREE! These are fantastic smartphones and Sprint has a Blackberry for every need. In addition, Sprint is offering credit union members some great reasons to switch. Just bring in your number from another carrier, activate a smartphone (like the Samsung Epic 4G) on a new line until June 23rd and Sprint will give you a $125 service credit! If you're interested, but not ready for a smartphone, Sprint will give you a $50 service credit just for moving your number from another carrier and activating a Sprint phone. Either way, you win! Sprint is also offering an instant rebate on many devices. And not a mail-in rebate either, you'll get this rebate at the time of purchase. This offer is also good until June 23rd.