Beware of auto-call or text-message card scam, other financial fraud

Holidays and weekends seem to be the scammers' favorite time to prey on consumers. The scammers seem to think a text, e-mail or automated phone call when financial institutions are closed will result in more payola because unsuspecting consumers will follow the scammers' instructions (usually a bogus message about a card being blocked). Caller IDs for automated phone calls that are recently reported to us are (866) xxx-1237 or (877) xxx-5121 and the recorded message is purportedly from the "National" Credit Union Association. THIS IS BOGUS.  As a reminder, Alabama CU will never contact you to obtain your confidential account information, and if you receive such a message, delete it and DO NOT follow the instructions. A legitimate number for reaching Alabama CU is (888) 817-2002, even after normal business hours. Our off-site call center will be happy to assist you. You may also contact, which arrives to ACU management's e-mail box; we'll respond as quickly as possible. Thanks -- and have a safe, fraud-free weekend!